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ZELTWANGER has made it a mission to not only construct leak testers, but also to devise individual, complete and need-driven leak testing concepts for its customers.  Leak-tightness is critical to the proper operation and reliability of many products. With the early detection of faulty components in the manufacturing process recall costs can be avoided from the beginning, e.g. in e-Mobility applications like battery pack testing. Reliable leak testing is the most effective way to prevent faulty shipment, customer complaints and associated image loss. Leak testing is quite often an essential component of quality management for product liability.



Key Advantages at a Glance:

  • Unique and unprecedented modularity – measurement circuit (ZEDcore) is separated from device – modular, plug & play component
  • Higher flexibility than ever
  • Exchange of measurement module in 2 minutes with 2 screws!
  • Exchange module reduces down times during production
  • Reduced spare part requirements due to modular exchange
  • Time and money saving on calibrations – send in modules for calibrations!
  • No need for redundant spare systems – save investment!
  • ZEDcore module can be used by all devices of ZED-family (except ZEDeco)
  • Faster delivery times!
  • OPC-UA built in – ready for IoT requirements of the next decade!