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ZELTWANGER Leak Testing & Automation sells innovative production systems comprising:




We partner with our customers to develop high-performance, reliable processes and production systems.  By determining the particular needs of our North American customers, we are able to develop solution-oriented customized concepts, and provide superior quality solutions combining German Engineering with American Ingenuity. With local assembly, training and services in South Carolina, we ensure holistic support throughout the complete product life cycle.

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We stand by our North American customers with a commitment and sense of service that we put into practice. We aspire to provide our customers with the best possible solutions. Our work is characterized by our speed, advisory skills, and technical expertise. We work reliably and keep our deadlines and promises. Our focus remains on customer satisfaction and ideal solutions.

ZELTWANGER - How we work 1
ZELTWANGER - How we work 2

We are the technology and innovation leaders in our sectors. Our actions are driven by curiosity, research, and the enormous enjoyment for technology.  We aim to maintain a long-term role at the cutting edge of development.  The quality assured by German engineering is what drives us. Satisfying our customers is our motivation and the basis for our future success. Our customers benefit from this in every way - from technical implementation, to commissioning, as well as all services.

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ZELTWANGER - What drives us

As a member of the ZELTWANGER Group, we offer decades of experience as an innovating leader in all our fields. The idea of making our advanced technology a long-term, competitive edge for our North American customers is what motivates us in each and every project. As a result, there is one driving force behind our day-to-day work: passion for technology.