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ZELTWANGER Leak Testing & Automation sells innovative assembly and testing systems as well as complete systems for leak testing using air as the test medium. We analyze test situations, advises our customers in every area of leak testing, devises sustainable test solutions, develop and construct high-performance, process-reliable appliances and systems, implements processes and support our customers every step of the way - from the start, all the way through to day-to-day testing.  By determine the particular testing needs of our US customers, we are able to develop solution-oriented custom plans, and provide quality solutions that use superior technology. With our training and services, we also ensure a reliable transfer of expertise as well as dependable after-sales service.  We will continue to provide support, even after commissioning is complete.

ZELTWANGER - What we do 2

We stand by our U.S. customers with a commitment and sense of service that we put into practice. We aspire to provide our customers with the best possible solutions, no matter what their testing assignments. Our work is characterized by our speed, advisory skills, and technical expertise. We are uncompromising in keeping our word. This applies just as much for delivery deadlines as for technical feasibility. Our focus is always on customer satisfaction and the ideal custom solution.

Our device page offers all air-based test methods from a single source. All our solutions offer process security, reliability, ease of operation and seamless integration into existing processes. Our own software development allows us to carry out any individual adjustments, at any time, without problems. We can also link the testing control system to the plant control system if required.

ZELTWANGER - How we work 1
ZELTWANGER - How we work 2

We are the technology and innovation leaders in our sector. Our actions are driven by curiosity, research, and the enormous enjoyment we gather from technology.  We aim to maintain a long-term role at the cutting edge of development.  The quality assured by German engineering is what drives us – along with the firm intention of providing the best technical solution for every need. Satisfying our customers is our motivation and the basis for our future success. Our customers benefit from this in every way- from technical implementation, to commissioning, as well as additional services.

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ZELTWANGER - What drives us

ZELTWANGER Dichtheitsprüfung in Germany was formed out of enthusiasm for technology. As a specialist in automation solutions, we became very aware of just how important and high-powered leak testing is as part of a quality assurance and function testing process. Our expertise in the fields of software, precision parts and automation has an overarching application in the field of leak testing. This has produced an array of our own appliances and software solutions, which may be the best on the market. Finding solutions which benefit our customers and pushing out ever new existing technological boundaries are challenges that inspire us on a daily basis.

We are bringing our passion for technology to the U.S. through ZELTWANGER Leak Testing & Automation. As a member of the ZELTWANGER Group, we offer decades of experience from an actual leading innovator in this field of technology. The idea of making our advanced technology a long-term, competitive edge for our U.S. customers is what motivates us in each and every project. As a result, there is one driving force behind our day-to-day work: passion for technology.