We provide the best automation solutions for a wide variety of production applications. A single X-CELL can incorporate various process steps which previously required a line: Assembly, laser processing, function & leak testing, and laser marking – ALL-IN-ONE-MACHINE. Use the advantages of this revolutionary cell production concept: Extremely small footprint yet service access on 4 sides, choose among 49 standard sizes, and scale your machine AND total investment across your production life time. Boost your flexibility in production with this modular work cell – and enter the next decade of IoT.

This innovative cell allows to run autonomous, redundant cells, or connect them to lines – modular and truly scalable.

Laser integration is our specialty. Based on a light- and laser tight machine frames we can virtually implement all laser processes:

  • Laser processes include:
    welding, marking, ablating, engraving, cleaning, cutting, and black marking – which is crucial for 100% traceability, in medical and UDI requirements and beyond
  • Joining processes include:
    Press fitting, screw fitting, gluing, palletizing, caulking, riveting
  • Testing processes include:
    Mechanical testing, electrical testing, pneumatic testing, wet/dry testing, flow measurement, torque measurement and – of course – Leak Testing
  • Turnkey automation includes:
    Robots, NC-axes, conveyors, work piece carriers, turntables, lifts, various feeders, or even AGV-connectivity etc. – be ready for Industry 4.0

We only use components from well-known brands and reliable partners.  Trust our 20+ years of automation experience in building sophisticated production lines and cell.

ZELTWANGER - Processes