Production: in lines or flexible Cells

Classic production line
Scalable work cells = Scalable investment

We offer customized production solutions for flexible production demands. Our X-CELL comprises the latest production trends by offering highly compact, stand-alone work cells combining various manufacturing steps - in one frame. The modular system is designed for assembly tasks, laser, and any testing requirements. Cells can be added when demand grows, run independently yet redundantly, and maneuvered with fork lifts to accommodate brown field facilities.

ZELTWANGER: Next level production – Scalability at its best

Flexibility and modularity at its best – with virtually all automation options thinkable

Parts can be quickly and reliably assembled, processed, tested, and laser welded or engraved using this robotics-based processing X-CELL. The working chamber is closed with a laser barrier for laser lights. Thanks to its modular design, the X-CELL can be implemented as a partially or fully automatic, flexible, stand-alone cell or integrated into an in-line system. A variable number of processes can be integrated and individually configured. A space-saving, articulated arm robot can be mounted on ceiling and enables 3D parts processing.

The X-CELL’s dimensions and process tooling can be individually configured according to customer needs. Features of the rack are also scalable, such as the position of the control panel, the parts infeed and discharge methods. The use of standard components ensures short delivery times. App-guided operator interfaces allow simple operations, changes of parts types, tools or grippers. The X-CELL offers access for service and maintenance on all 4 sides, from top to bottom, via doors, windows, panels etc.