Next level production: modular and scalable

Our automation solutions for assembly and testing systems stand out for their intelligent modularity and high level of standardization. For both our pre-engineered systems (e.g. X-CELL) and custom designs, maximum efficiency is always the focus. The reason for this is that sustained customer value can only be provided if the systems have a high level of availability and are seamlessly integrated into existing production environments.

Extensive past experience has shown that the processes used allow us to achieve the fastest development cycles and a high level of process reliability at a very attractive price. Our modules can be used adaptively as stand-alone solutions or integrated into an existing process chain as needed.

  • 49 standard sizes: Standard lengths and widths:
    1.200, 1.400, 1.600, 1.800, 2.000, 2.200, 2.400 mm
    (47.24, 55.12, 62.99, 70.87, 78.74, 86.61, 94.49 inch).
    Further sizes upon request
  • IoT Industry 4.0 inside: OPC-UA, remote diagnostics, different field busses, safety IO, intuitive operator Interface, flat screen or mobile panel
  • Part Automation: Via robot, automatically guided vehicles (AGV‘s), conveyor belts, workpiece carriers, turntables, drawers, trays, carousels
  • 3D processing: With 6-axes-robot or NC axes
  • Alternative concept: Individual work cells (instead of classic lines) – provides redundancy and higher production flexibility
  • Scalability at its best: Scale your investments – along with your growing production demands. Scale your machine size to your (part) needs
  • Smallest footprint: Due to highest integration density
  • Laser processes Include: welding, marking, black marking, ablating, stripping, cleaning, cutting, etc. –in Laser Class 1 environment
  • All laser types: Up to multi kilowatt laser power, various wavelengths (IR, UV, visible)
  • Materials: All weldable steels, aluminum, copper, dissimilar metals, plastics, etc.
  • Production: 100 % traceability with data matrix, QR or UDI codes – only quality parts leave your plant
  • Test functions: Include Leak testing, function testing, high voltage testing, vision, assembly checks, etc.
  • Install / Transport: Fork lift machine, single setup in factory, no decommissioning to haul
  • Serviceability: Accessible for service on all 4 sides