We can do it ALL: Automation, Laser, Leak


ZELTWANGER Leak Testing & Automation is bringing a wealth of German engineering expertise in leak testing and automation to the U.S. We provide competent advice, sell advanced technology based on tested systems, and develop custom solutions as needed.

Our customers originate from various branches throughout the industry, wherever verifiable systems are necessary for success: from automotive to medical technology, through other general industries.


We do this in close partnership with our associate companies, ZELTWANGER Automation and ZELTWANGER Dichtheits- und Funktionsprüfsysteme, both in Germany. This allows us to provide discerning customers in the U.S. with the experience, reliability, and innovative capacity of two leaders in this field of technology. In doing so, we ensure that our devices and systems function for their entire life cycle, including everything from training to spare parts.


We see ourselves first and foremost as an expert, advisor and close partner to our customers. Together we determine the test requirements and work out the best solution. From targeting specifications through fundamental analysis, to production support and reliable annual inspections, we offer comprehensive support in every area of leak and functional testing. Even in extreme areas such as very high pressure requirements, particularly low leakage rates or inspections under high temperature conditions, we are flexible and able to provide ideal solutions for our customers with the utmost process reliability. We have cutting edge technology in air-based test methods, which means we are able to implement projects that would have previously seemed inconceivable with air as a medium. Using our own equipment and individually developed adaptations, we will find the right method, no matter what your test requirement may be. Our equipment spectrum ranges from entry level ZEDeco through flexible individual devices ZEDbase+, the modular ZEDmod to the compact testing station ZEDstation.

We also implement fully automated and turn key test systems to any level of automation, be it for air or even helium - when requirements become even more difficult and leak’s must be located.

We are THE leak testing experts!