Quality assurance & certification

We promise not only production services to the very highest standard, but also ensure the quality of our work through certified production sequences (ISO 9001:2008) and high-precision 3D measurement techniques. Our work sequences and product quality are seamlessly documented.
We are able to guarantee adherence to dimensional tolerance requirements by using CMM machines. Our measuring machines are equipped with a VAST XT active scanning head. This allows us to perform practically any kind of measurement.

The interaction between the scanning probe head and specially designed software allows us to achieve a reliable method for monitoring fit, shape, and length dimensions. We are therefore able to produce initial sample inspection reports for all new parts and prototypes. In addition, we also offer 3D contract measurements of our customers' geometries.

It goes without saying that we are certified to ISO 9001:2008:
ZELTWANGER LP (US) – Certificate English (pdf)

Certification ZELTWANGER LP
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