Module assemblies

When it comes to the manufacture of assemblies, we produce and assemble complete fixtures and workstations and production lines in accordance with your own individual design drawings, bills of material and pneumatic plans. We guarantee quality assurance for all assemblies and production parts through certified production sequences and ultra-precise measurement technology. We also take responsibility for procuring all purchased and standard parts on your behalf.

By purchasing complete assemblies, not only does the number of parts requiring your management drastically reduce, but your entire logistics chain becomes tighter. This offers enormous hidden potential for reducing overall costs and capital tie-up.

  • Only one purchase order
  • Simple expediting
  • Continuous quality assurance
  • An end to laborious order picking
  • Sourced part purchasing is included
  • Pneumatic installations
  • Only one receipt of goods process
  • Shorter assembly and throughput times on your premises
  • Reduced procurement and staffing costs