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Our companies – all of them technology and innovation leaders in their field – are pleased to welcome you:

German manufacturing quality "made in South Carolina"

German Engineering "made in South Carolina"


German Engineering meets American Ingenuity

ZELTWANGER Leak Testing & Automation LP
German Engineering meets American Ingenuity


The ZELTWANGER group of companies is a technology and innovation leader in all their fields of activity. We support discerning customers in the fields of machine tool industry, medical technology, biotechnology, pharmaceutical industry, automotive, electrical engineering, household appliances engineering, plastics technology, cosmetics, hydraulics, pneumatics, food, semiconductor industry, optical industry and also in the field of sophisticated packaging systems with our seven companies located in Germany, Czech Republic and in the US. In everything we do and everywhere we are active, we follow the German Engineering ideals. We create innovative solutions for the highest quality requirements in all our fields of activity in a reliable, cooperative and precise manner. We are the ideal partner in all matters concerning complexity, promptness, precision or a particularly high technical demand.

The ZELTWANGER Group is represented in the US with two companies:

ZELTWANGER CNC Manufacturing specializes in the manufacture of ready-to-install machine components and assemblies of the utmost quality and complexity.

ZELTWANGER Leak Testing & Automation markets, supports and services, on the one hand, innovative assembly and testing systems and, on the other, complete solutions for the leak testing with the medium of air.