Leak testing methods

ZELTWANGER specializes in all test methods using air as a testing medium. The main principle of our leak testing measurement is based on two underlying methods: pressure variation measurement and flow measurement. In both methods, the test item is first filled with air to a specified testing pressure and then disconnected from the compressed air supply. After it's disconnected is when the actual measuring begins.

Pressure variation measurement

In this method, the variation in pressure is used to identify a leak. If there is a leak, it causes a change in pressure that can be calculated as a leakage rate based on the test volume and the measurement time. This method can also be performed as a vacuum test.

Flow measurement

In the flow measurement method, a measurement signal is emitted, which is the same, regardless of the size of the test volume and the measurement time, and which correlates to any leakage present. No calculation is required for this, unlike with the pressure variation method.

An overview of the different leak testing methods:

  • Pressure decay
  • Mass flow
  • Differential pressure
  • Radial shaft seal measurement