Our architectures

We offer pre-engineered solutions based on tested systems. The expertise acquired by the ZELTWANGER companies over the years has enabled them to provide pre-engineered devices that merely need to be adapted to the customer’s particular needs. In order to maximize customer value, we focus heavily on a high level of availability, measurement capacity, and intelligent modularity for all of our system designs. This allows a wide variety of processes to be linked efficiently, and our systems are reliably integrated into existing production environments.


Pre-engineered, modular processing cell X-CELL

Parts can be quickly and reliably assembled, processed, tested, and laser welded and engraved using the robotics-based processing cell X-CELL. The working chamber is closed with a laser barrier for laser engraving. Thanks to its modular design, X-CELL can be implemented as a partially or fully automatic, flexible, stand-alone cell or integrated into an in-line system. A variable number of processes can be integrated or individually configured. This space-saving, articulated robot with six axes accurately guides parts weighing up to ten kilograms to the desired process. Intelligent control software ensures additional process reliability and optimal integration in the existing production network.

X-CELL’s dimensions and process tooling can be configured according to the customer’s specific needs. Features of the rack are also scalable, such as the position of the control panel and the feed and discharge for parts. Standard components ensure delivery times are short. Simple, button-activated program settings facilitate quick tool conversion for part changes. It is also no problem to have continuous production with a function for changing tools or grippers for different part types. In the process, the various geometries are automatically identified and further processed.

X-CELL can be readily accessed and saves space. The upper section can be closed with laser-proof shutters. The lower portion has removable doors that provide easy access for maintenance purposes.

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